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InVenters STEM is a Non Profit Volunteer Organization for children ages 10-14, aimed to increase the minority presence in the STEM industries. Success in life is greatly influenced by the career path that you take. InVenters STEM seeks to ensure that all children are exposed to the science, technology, engineering and math fields so that they can make well informed decisions about their future career paths.

Do you know a student who could benefit from joining InVenters STEM? Feel free to email us at info@inventersstem.org to register.

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Some of the reasons why InVenters STEM volunteers joined this great not for profit organization…

I volunteer with InVenters to help give insight and encourage youth. I volunteer with InVenters to make sure there is a path for our present generation to pursue anything they have a passion for. I’m a part of InVenters because I strongly support what InVenters means to the youth, there is a demand for STEM related education and InVenters provides that need.I volunteer with InVenters to help provide knowledge, free of tuition and fees, to everyone in our global community.